Seafile Server 6.2.5 "Bernhard" for Raspberry Pi is ready! 28.01.2018

You can get it from the Seafile download section.

:pushpin: Please remember:

  • Don’t forget to stop Seafile Server before the upgrade (i.e: service seafile-server stop or, another example: service seahub stop && service seafile stop)
  • Don’t forget to change the directory rights of Seafile after unpacking it (i.e: chown -R seafile:nogroup seafile-server-6.2.5 or, another example: sudo chown -R seafile:seafile seafile-server-6.2.5 )
  • Don’t forget to apply the upgrade script/s according your start release && with the properly user which in normal case should be seafile (i.e change to seafile user: su seafile -s /bin/bash or, another example: sudo su seafile)

Please install pyhton-requests module dependence and update Pillow to 4.1.1;

  • To install python-requests:

apt-get install python-requests

  • To check Pillow version:

pip list --format=columns | grep -i pillow

  • upgrade Pillow until last version:

pip install --upgrade Pillow

  • Some users need to install libjpeg-dev as well:

apt-get install libjpeg-dev

Important: Please check maybe this issue in the Seafile Forum for further unexpected behaviours and suggested troubleshooting

Link to the official announcement in forum. Could be a help regarding known errors in x64 version.

Once again, thanks to the developers and Seafile Community

This release is dedicated to my workmate Bernhard (@VF), always ready to help others.

have fun :blush:


Works as expected - thanks a lot :thumbsup:

Thanks again for the good work. :+1:


No problem.

Just wonder if it was forgotten to adjust the year in the web splash screen coming up when clicking on “About:” in the footer.

@daniel.pan fix required

This is about Seafile Server for raspberry pi. The latest version for rpi currently is 6.2.5.

Is this not a central code part that has to be changed?

I just upgraded from SF 6.0.7 to 6.2.5 and everything worked fine. Frankly I was nervous because I remember there was a serious issues with Pillow. I also faced them but the detailed instructions helped me to fix it.

:+1: @jobenvil