Seafile server 6.3.3 is ready! The new Wiki feature is ready


Internal links can be generated in the Web Interface, the upgrade only affects Server version and not the Client.


Thanks for fixing the “groups in admin panel” bug.


A big thank you for the new wiki feature, I love it, it works great. Finally I can have all wikis in one place and don’t have to click through all groups anymore. Very good is also the function to add an existing library as a wiki. Only one issue I noticed: If I want to add a library as a wiki, which I didn’t create myself, but which was shared with me via a group and where I have read and write permissions, this fails with: Permission denied.


Glad you like the new Wiki.

Currently only the library owner can create a Wiki from the library.


I have played around with the Wiki a bit. I think it’s got great potential as a collaboration tool.

Yet I cannot make sense of this problem that I encountered three times after creating 2 extra MD-files. I am running a Seafile PE 6.3.6 on Ubuntu 16.04.


There is Seafile server 6.3.4 on download page but no announcment, no info, no change log. Could you please post some information?


6.3.4 (2018/09/15)

[fix] Fix a security issue in Shibboleth authentication
[fix] Fix sometimes Web UI will not autoload a >100 item directory view

Source :


Did you delete the file?