Seafile server 6.3.3 is ready! The new Wiki feature is ready

This is a maintenance release with the following updates:

  • Add generating of internal links
  • Support copy a file to its own parent folder, creating a file with a suffix like test-1.docx
  • Support setting the language list
  • Redirect ‘/shib-login’ to ‘/sso’
  • Change “Unknown error” to “network error” when uploading failed caused by network error
  • [fix] Fix groups not shown in system admin panel
  • Support files be manually saved in OnlyOffice
  • Improve performance when getting users quota usage
  • Improve Markdown editor
  • The new Wiki feature is ready
  • Update Django to 1.11.11

The new Wiki feature

Permission and sharing of a Wiki

The Wiki module use the same permission system as libraries. The old personal wiki and group wiki feature is removed. You can share the underlying library to another user or group to let others visit the Wiki.


The Wiki editing using the new Markdown editor we done recently.

Internal links

We don’t use a special syntax for internal links to other Wiki pages. You can use a relative path of another file or the URL of another file to add links to other Wiki pages.

Wiki navigation

The navigation panel shows the tree of the Wiki including all files. Markdown files will be shown as a Wiki page. Other files will be opened in another tab to show the online preview of the file.

You can add files and folders in the navigation panel:


We will continue to improve the Wiki feature. Feedbacks are welcome!


You can’t switch to Markdown Viewer if you are inside a Wiki. If you edit a Markdown file outside a wiki, it is possible.

There should be a print stylesheet in the Markdown Viewer mode, so one can print only the plain document without navigation buttons.


I miss the folder ./seahub/media/assets/scripts/app after the upgrade

Hi Daniel,

Is this related to our problem?

It is not related to your problem. But it improves file syncing and reduce CPU load. During file syncing, the users quota is checked for uploading files.

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When do you need the folder?

Can you upload a screenshot of the error?

HTTP 404 /media/assets/scripts/sysadmin-app/main.js

HTTP 404 /media/assets/scripts/app/main.js

Can you try remove debug mode in

DEBUG = False

Perfect, works now. Many Thanks

BTW: you do a great job

That’s good to hear.

Cool, now waiting for RPi update for my Odroid-HC2. :wink:

Will come soon!

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So is this for the pro version as well?

The most missing feature for me is the possibility to link words to articles like known from Wikipedia,. For axample when I want to create an article about “Lorem ipsim” I would tag the words with [[Lorem ipsum]]. If there is already an article it would be linked, otherwise I would create a new page clicking on the linked words.

Anyway: Thank you that you started improving the Seafile wiki feature!

We will not support Wikipedia like internal links. The current way is to write a file for the new topic then link the file.


is it the same solution for this issue ?

custom.css is neither integrated/loading anymore in the Markdown Viewer nor in the Markdown Editor.


The option to generate protocol links is still missing and I don’t think “internal links” were added, Would you mind clarifying that statement?

But is this practical in daily use?
I understand that Seafile can not provide another MediaWiki but a good Markdown based Wiki would be great. Actually the current Wiki is still not much more than a library called “Wiki” with a nice Markdown web editor (which you can use in any other library as well, no need to use the Wiki feature for this). The only difference is the possibility to make it public (but this is quite new). In my opinion it needs a little bit more to make the Wiki feature worth to mention it. For example: Linking to new Wiki pages within a Wiki text by creating a link of the target page and then link it with markdown code is not very “wiki like” - it is just uncomfortable.

Anyway: Thx for Seafile CE!