Seafile Server 7.0.4 Raspberry Pi Access Point

Hi everyone

I use seafile since version 3.1.1 and I’m very pleased with it - never had any big issues! Just to start a big thank you to all the developers!

Now: I used seafile 6.3.4 for Raspberry Pi and setup the pi as an access point AP (according to this guide:raspberrypi documentation --> Everything worked like a charm incl. the markdown Editor.
For Version 7.0.4 I decided to start from scratch and do a clean install. Everything worked great until I switched to configure the pi as an AP: the markdown editor does not start anymore.
I couldn’t resolve the issue.

Does anyone have the same issue? Is it because I configured the Pi as AP without Internet access (don’t want to change that actually…)?

Problem solved. I simply had to change the URL assignment in the administration settings to resp. :8082 (my static IP of the Raspberry Pi Access Point).
Now the Editor works fine.