Seafile server 7.0.5 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and updates:

  • [fix] Fix ‘\n’ in system wide notification will lead to blank page
  • [fix] Remove all metadata in docx template
  • [fix] Fix redirection after login
  • [fix] Fix group order is not alphabetic
  • [fix] Fix download button in sharing link
  • Mobile UI Improvement (Now all major pages can be used in Mobile smoothly)
  • Add notification when a user try to leave a page during file transfer
  • Add UI waiting notification when resetting a user’s password in admin panel
  • Add generating internal link (smart-link) for folders
  • [fix] Fix file drag and drop in IE and Firefox
  • Improve UI for file uploading, support re-upload after error
  • [fix] Fix devices login via Shibboleth not show in devices list
  • Support of OnlyOffice periodically saving for opened files
  • [fix] Fix zip download when user selecting a long list of files
  • Other UI fixes

Great. About “Support of OnlyOffice periodically saving for opened files”, is that supposed to work OOB, or should we enable periodic saving at the OnlyOffice backend ?

Has the guest invitation feature been added to CE?

The changelog is fixed.

You can find the document here: