Seafile server 7.0 bind address issues


I tried to upgrade from 6.3 to 7.0 Pro, everything “Works” locally on the Ubuntu Server (can access it at but external connections do not, even from other items on my network. ex

netstat shows a bind address of ignoring what i have placed in ccnet.conf which should be

Firewall is disabled, i have changed ALLOWED_HOSTS to [’*’] for testing with no change.

This is still running from the same non-root user i have always used, any idea’s are welcome, i have reverted my system’s snapshot for now.

edit : my web server runs from a docker instance which is why this bind address wont work for me.


You should use Nginx. Or you can modify conf/gunicorn.conf

First of all: Thank you for this great application and for contiunously updating it.

I had the same problem and spent several hours looking for an error in my firewall config until I saw this post.

I would suggest adding an information here in the upgrade notes specific to version 7.

In virtualized environment, it is very often the case, that nginx runs in a different container and thus has to access the interface of the seafile container.


I might recommend updating the documentation reflecting this, after some searching i did find what you are indeed talking about, please keep in mind this is only listed on the link, it should be listed under Server Configuration and Customization.

Thank you for this answer, i am attaching the notes for anyone else interested.

modify the conf/gunicorn.conf

default localhost:8000

bind = “”

Edit: just did the upgrade again and noticed gunicorn.conf which was not there originally, i probably ran the upgrade with incorrect permissions originally.