Seafile server 7.0 is ready! (Including the CE and PRO edition)

Both the community edition and pro edition are updated.

Here is the release note:


I just saw that you published Seafile 7.0.3 Pro !
That is awesome! Keep on going!

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HI @daniel.pan

Very Very good news !!!

I upgraded from pro beta 7.02 with success

It looks like some icons are missing on the window “Publish a Library”

Clicking on the help link while editing the wiki leads to a blank page


Looking at the change log

File history

Recording file history to database for fast access is enabled by default for 'Markdown, .txt, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, xls, xlsx'. To disable the feature or to modified the file list, you can add the following settings to seafevents.conf


enabled = true

suffix = md,txt,...

After enable the feature, the old histories version for markdown, doc, docx files will not be list in the history page. (Only new histories that stored in database will be listed) But the users can still access the old versions in the library snapshots.

Does that mean that if we do not indicate other suffixes, all old history from other file type (ex : pdf) will be lost ?


Thank you Daniel!

Just a quick question, when can we expect a file search in CE?


Btw, change notes for 7.0.1 -> 7.0.2 are missing:


By doing the seafile 7.0.2 to 7.0.3 pro update, there are some errors that appear by going to the user account’s settings page.


2019-06-13 17:12:04,358 [ERROR] seahub.work_weixin.utils:63 work_weixin_base_check work weixin base relevant settings invalid.
2019-06-13 17:12:04,359 [ERROR] seahub.work_weixin.utils:64 work_weixin_base_check WORK_WEIXIN_CORP_ID: 
2019-06-13 17:12:04,359 [ERROR] seahub.work_weixin.utils:65 work_weixin_base_check WORK_WEIXIN_AGENT_SECRET: 
2019-06-13 17:12:04,359 [ERROR] seahub.work_weixin.utils:66 work_weixin_base_check WORK_WEIXIN_ACCESS_TOKEN_URL:

what is this internet address in the log file ??? what is it for ???

the security certificate corresponds to this website
Daniel can you give us more information? thank you

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There shouldn’t be any external service requirements for seafile otherwise it will loose the given trust very quickly as ones data is potentially unsave.


Daniel I assume you guys will focus on stabelizing and enhancing 7.x from now on?
So no more effort put into 6.x and no parallel maintenance of 6 and 7?
I would do so, not moaning, just want to know about the future of 6.x from today on, so that I can make the internal decision when to migrate…

Thanks alot for doing a good job on Seafile.

Upgrade from 7.0.2 ran smoothly.

I noted a great many little improvements in Seahub:

  • New library icons for shared libraries with the new permissions (preview on cloud and preview-edit on cloud)
  • Picture thumbnails in the file details
  • File comments available in file details
  • More sorting functions
  • Context-dependent icons (for tables) in MD editor

I only encountered one (small) problem: In Firefox, I couldn’t scroll on the personal settings page (see screenshot, note that there is no scroll bar on the right). In Chrome, scrolling works as expected.

After my tests, I have two questions @daniel.pan :
1.) Was I just too blind to find the internal/smart link function or hasn’t it been implemented in the new UI yet?
2.) Will you also migrate the admin panel to the new UI?

Thanks for Seafile 7.0.3. We will most likely migrate within the coming week.

This does not seem to be a general problem. It works just fine here.

Same thing for this one. I had no problem. Did you try with different browsers - especially Chrome?

For the first two problems, can you try to refresh the page?

For file types not listed in the suffix , histories version will be scanned from the library history as before.

We will check the problem.

The internal link feature is only present in the file view page:


It will be rewritten in 7.1.


Yes, we will focus on stabelizing and enhancing 7.x from now on.


We will check the problem.

weixin is a popular messaging app in China. The feature is to support single sign on with weixin.

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Thanks. It is added now.

That means I cannot generate internal links for pictures as well as office files when I use ONLYOFFICE/Collabora?

For pictures, you can open it in a new tab via the link “Open in New Tab”


For office files using ONLYOFFICE/Collabora, the internal link feature is not available now.

I use a self hosted software to be “not linked” at all to any big cloud provider.
Now you just added a connection, really?

While the files are still local, this still in my view partially defeats the purpose of using Seafile

Please show a connection. I doubt there is one as the log only states the feature has not been configured.

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Having upgrade warnings Got MySQL warnings when upgraded from 6.3 to 7.0