Seafile Server 7.1.5 for Raspberry Pi is ready! 18.10.2020

You can get it from the Seafile download section.

:pushpin: Please remember:

  • Don’t forget to stop Seafile Server before the upgrade (i.e: service seafile-server stop or, another example: service seahub stop && service seafile stop)
  • Don’t forget to change the directory rights of Seafile after unpacking it (i.e: chown -R seafile:nogroup seafile-server-7.1.5 or, another example: sudo chown -R seafile:seafile seafile-server-7.1.5 )
  • Don’t forget to apply the upgrade script/s according your start release && with the properly user which in normal case should be seafile (i.e change to seafile user: su seafile -s /bin/bash or, another example: sudo su seafile)

Recommendations and clarifications

  • RTFM (I took the expresion from @jaeti01) You can imagine what it means. Specially how to debug if seahub failed to start.

  • Download the properly rpi version for your OS. There are: Debian Stretch, Buster or Ubuntu Bionic, Focal. These were compiled against his own native libraries inside linux containers.

  • Users who need to chose Debian Stretch, they must install Python3.6+ to run seafile. The native Python 3.5 is not enough. You can choose to download and compile Python3.6.10 by yourself or use pyenv to do it automatically. Here the suggestions on the forum and common pitfails while using pyenv.

I’m looking for some volunter/s to replace me to build the Seafile Server packages for Raspberry Pi and maintain the GitHub releases accordingly. There is already a script for build the Seafile Server package. It would be wonderful if we would cover the following arm scenarios: armv6, armv7, arm64 and at least for Stretch Buster Bionic and Focal. By using linux containers you only need a device and the creation of these is really straightforward.

Once again, thanks to the developers and Seafile Community.

have fun :blush:

Edited: there is no armv8, the correct is arm64. Thanks @Gustl22 for the aclaration !


Thanks - Update went fine!

@Bernie_O thanks for confirming!

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