Seafile server 7.1 arm64 docker image

Hi, all.
I have build a docker image for seafile aarch64, and the Dockerfile and seafile build script is in following github repo. You can find docker-compose.yml in hanwckf/seafile-arm64-docker

  • hanwckf/seafile-arm64-docker
  • hanwckf/seafile-arm64-build

It use docker-compose to deploy, the usage is quite the same as the official seafile x86 docker version.

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Thank you, very useful! I was trying the same but then came across this post. Works really well on my Raspberry Pi 4 (Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS).

I wanted to use HTTPS, but I am already running a VPN server on port 443, so I needed to modify the scripts a bit. Furthermore, I do not want my Seafile instance to be publicly available (just via VPN).

First of all, I can not use Let’s Encrypt for signing because it needs access to port 443 which is not possible for the above reasons. I wanted to use a self-signed certificate, so I changed the scripts. With my changes, it is now possible to receive the environment variable SEAFILE_SERVER_SSL_SELFSIGNED.

Second, I wanted to use https on port other than 443, which gave a CSRF-Validation error (topics on that are already in this forum), so I also changed the scripts. I made it possible to set the environment variable SEAFILE_SERVER_EXTERNAL_PORT. The port has to be mapped accordingly, e.g. "8443:443"

You can see an example of my docker-compose.yml on my fork slienau/seafile-arm64-docker on branch example-setup

I think that this is a typical use case for a deployment on a raspberry pi, since this is mostly for small personal use-cases. I will create a pull request, hope you find it useful. Would appreciate to have this possibilities in your docker image already, so that it is not necessary to build a new image based on your image.