Seafile Server 8.0.3 for Raspberry Pi is ready! 13.02.2021

@jobenvil In the I have inserted below as mentioned in the manual, to get the “Shared from other server” enabled.

Enable OCM

OCM_PROVIDER_ID = ‘71687320-6219-47af-82f3-32012707a5ad’ # the unique id of this server

Is the ID random, or unique generated somewhere? I’m not sure were it has to come from.

I’m a fan of the software and its opportunities and how it is developing :ok_hand: :+1:

I was not able to get the 8.0.3 version compiled by my self up and running last week, but I think I missed some actions to get it working, I guess it is simple things I missed, but I hadn’t got the time :slight_smile:

I did

apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev

sudo pip3 install -U future mysqlclient

as indicated in Upgrade notes for 8.0.x - Seafile admin manual

but I still have the same problem

@Howmann I was not aware of such integration. I don’t have any idea how to debug it. You should open a new issue to catch more attention.

You have to be very careful with the user flags in pip3 install and double check that your seafile user is able to use the moduls. Check with pip3 list as a root and later as Seafile user to compare the seafile dependencies.

Which distro? Which Seafile Package? Wich Python Version is being used by Seafile?

According to this [RESOLVED] Seahub does not start after upgrade from 7.1.5 to 8.0.3, i could update my 7.1.5 version to 8.0.3 :slight_smile:

I did this :
apt install libmariadbclient-dev
and all is right.

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@fafar Thanks for posting your efforts, that’s help for others. You are right, this should be on the installation guide (x64). There is just the mention to libmysqlclient-dev not to libmariadbclient-dev but many users have mariadb. That’s also true, that those users should recognice his database type and choose accordingly. @N_Zilio maybe is your issue?

I had the same issue, and as using a mariadb docker container this solved the issue on my side :slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, that did the trick! Thanks again for the help, it’s very much appreciated.

@xiez any chance to reflect both databases in the docs/manual?

IMO, if the update notes state: Debian 10, then these notes should suggest to use the mariadb dev libraries and not otherwise. I say this just observing the fact that mariadb has substituted mysql long time ago in Debian mainline.

It is true that one could “figure it out” that the note is inprecise. In fact that is precisely what I did when I first posted the problem and then I myself marked it as resolved and posted my explanation… However, I think that if one has to figure that some note or documentation is misplaced then I think we are defeating the purpose of the notes being something helpful. :smiley:


I’m using myself mariadb. The issue is that the manual is not wrote exclusively for Debian 10 an therefore should be avoided just to write indications only for mariadb.

Anyway, I didn’t wrote the manual myself :laughing:

Do you still need volunteers?
I have installed seafile in odroid n2 (arm 64) ubuntu 18.04