Seafile server 8.0.3 is ready!

Hi @daniel.pan, could you explain how each user can generate their secret key for the webdav ? Or maybe point me to some documentation for this? I have understood that I need to ENABLE_SECRET_KEY in , but it is not clear where the users can specify an app password for webdav access. Thanks in advance.


Here you find an example for docker-compose.yaml and in the subfolder for the pro edition.

The icon/button for opening/closing the sidebar in the markdown editor is missing since 8.0.3. Actually it is not missing but due to a css setting, the icon is just of the size of 1 pixel.

Please check

.button-container .dropdown-menu-right .iconfont {font-size: .875px}


<i class="iconfont icon-angle-double-left">

You can’t click on links to files in the library version history anymore because there are characters in the link that shouldn’t be there

How the link href shoud look like:

How it looks in 8.0.3 CE atm:'/'


Hello, thank you very much for adding the file search function in version 8.0, but the current test still cannot search for files in the shared database. Will this function be added in the future? Thanks again.


I Thnink i have a simmilar Problem - but i don’t think i get wrong characters in the kink. I get the following Message:

Page unavailable

Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a server hiccup.

Our engineers have been notified, so check back later.

Do you also get this Error Message?

I Use Docker. Does anyone know if i could simply specify Version 7.1.5 in my docker-compose.yaml to test if that workrd in 7.1.5?

My Problem also occoured in V7.1.5 - so i created an extra topic: How to enable Search in Seafile CE? (was: File History not Available in seahub (docker, 8.0.3))

I get a “File not found” error. I think your error results from a different origin.

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Will the installation script be updated any time soon?

How did you enable search in Community Edition? Are you still able to see the file History? I can’t have both :confused:

I’m not using the docker, but for me the search (for file names) as well as file history works in CE 8.0.3 (armv7 - focal behind apache). I didn’t have to enable it.

Although I didn’t do anything when upgrading to 8.0.3, I don’t know whether there is something else in the setup that I changed compared to the docker version (which I’ve never used) - the installation itself is quite old and has been upgraded over the years…

I know this might be of limited help as our setups are quite different but maybe it helps you go in the right direction/ask the right questions.

There was nothing to activate, I’ve just upgraded to the last version. And yes, file history / snapshots still work for me.


I tested it to search files in the shared library, it works.

Can you describe on the steps to reproduce the problem, or post some screenshots?

Hi, thank you for your reply. I reinstalled 8.0.3 and tested it, but it still doesn’t work. The following are screenshots and related logs.


same for searching “main”.


I am very sorry, because my account is a new account, I can only upload one picture at a time.

Hello, after some test, we can reproduce your problem now.

You can NOT search file in a sub dir share currently, we will add this feature in in the future release.


that’s great! i’m all gratitude!

thank you. I was dumb.

Hi @langhaarschneider, I have also seen this problem. Have you been able to solve this problem?

Hi @ego,

don’t try to use the docker compose file from pro. See my last posting in this thread… I was dumb.