Seafile server 8.0.3 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with following improvements and fixes:

  • Users can use secret key to access WebDAV after enabling two-factor authentication
  • Fix fuse extension
  • Improve UI of file search
  • Fix OnlyOffice integration when JWT is enabled
  • Add QR code for sharing links
  • Fix navigation side panel in public library on mobile

The Docker version is ready too.


Thank you @daniel.pan!

I will check it out later.

Just one question: Why is the latest tag on dockerhub still refering to 7.1.5?

I can confirm that OnlyOffice with JWT is working again. Thank you for the fix!

I struggle to find info about this secret key in the manual. It’s not mentioned in the WebDAV section, maybe somebody could point me to this info?

Many thanks!

are the new mysql related installation preconditions also required for a sqlite based installation?

apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev
sudo pip3 install future mysqlclient

I just adjusted my docker-compose.yaml file from

image: seafileltd/seafile-mc:latest


image: seafileltd/seafile-mc:8.0.3

(No Longer needed)

started it and until now everything works fine. Thanks!

It is in document of

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On Dockerhub latest refers now to 8.0.3
Thank you!

Question: Where do I find the documentation on connecting to a DB with Seafile? I’m on docker, and I want to connect to a mysql DB.

seafile brings in the docker container its own mysql container with it

Just modify the docker compose file to remove the DB container part and use your own DB IP, user name and password.

any notes about the docker upgrade procedure from 7.1.5 to 8.0.3 ?

If you use docker-compose and community edition:

Now since on dockerhub latest points to 8.0.3 it should only be

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

the latest release should be taken from dockerhub (as far as i understand docker). If that does not work, you can change the image line for seafile-mc like i described above.
If you also wish to enable elastic search you have to add the elastic search component to your docker-compose.yaml file like described in the pro docker-compose file and also edit/add the seafevents.conf config file like described here and restart the container again.

wonderful, thank you
I will upgrade my server soon

thank you

Does this version fix the upgrade issue from 7.1 series where the upgrade script dies because of a missing table?

Found it, so it’s the same key for all users?

Link on is not updated yet

Thanks for the notification. Fixed now.

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What docker compose file? I don’t see anything on the docker hub site.

Improve UI of file search

@daniel.pan I’m afraid to ask but: I’ve just upgraded Seafile CE 7.0.5 64bit → 7.1.3 64bit → 8.0.3 64bit but can not find the file search announced in Seafile community edition 8.0 is ready for test!. Is there anything to add to a certain config before file search can be used? Will it look like the “Search files” bar in the Seafile client connected with a Seafile pro server like…


…this? :flushed:

Edit: Sorry, found it:

(My expectation was the one of Seafile Pro, so a search bar in the Seafile client. That’s why I didn’t know where to look for the search function.)