Seafile server CE 6.2 to 6.3 upgrade Table 'seafile-db.RepoInfo' doesn't exist

This is similar to Upgrade 6.2.5 to 6.3.1 Table 'ccnet-db.LDAPConfig' doesn't exist.

It appears to have been created in binary seafile-server-6.2.2/seafile/bin/seaf-server with no corresponding mysql for the upgrade.

Similar to topic 6569, what is the implication of having seafile running without this table?

These two tables will be created after Seafile 6.2 or 6.3 is running. It’s due to some mistake in 6.2 version that we didn’t add new tables in the db upgrade script (just included update to schemes of existing tables). We only add new tables in major upgrades. This table is introduced in 6.2.0 version. So I think you didn’t run version 6.2?

We’ll soon release a new 6.3.2 version in which upgrade script will skip SQL errors. Then the missing tables will be created after seafile is running.

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for your response. You are right, I have a test machine that I use for testing SQL conversion between MySQL and PostgreSQL. I only run the upgrade scripts there. It would be nice for you to provide the upgrade scripts with the correct table definitions.

I would just like to point out that the upgrade sql statements for seahub has new table definitions even in 6.3.

I have been trying to maintain the PostgreSQL compatibility that no longer has upgrade scripts. So I am currently running 6.2.5 with PostgreSQL due to the fact I was a very early adopter of Seafile (back in version 1 days) when PostgreSQL support was included although unofficial. They are on github


The added tables are now added in the upgrade script:

Wow. Are these scripts available anywhere? I hope to migrate from SQLite to PostgreSQL, and I’d rather not reimplement this if there is a working solution already.

@caniwi Could you please submit a pull request so your upgrade scripts get merged into the main seafile server distribution? That would be highly appreciated. Even if such scripts are not in each .0 release, having them in later point releases would enable other PostgreSQL users to upgrade a little bit later.

It’s a long time also I use seafile CE … and I choose Postgres. Thanks for the posts with the update scritps, they fit mines, but for the upgrade of version 6.3 on seafile-db I have a question. The mysql statement:
has no (simple) translation in PostgreSQL … the primary key can’t be the first column of the table !
Is that a problem ? how the data are accessed from seafile programs ? (does name of comumn used for each read ?)
I’m really thinking about converting my PostgreSQL db in mariadb because of this kind of schema upgrades.