Seafile server community edition 7.0.4 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and updates:

  • Fix avatar problem when deployed under non-root domain
  • Add get internal link in share dialog
  • Fix newly created DOCX files are not empty and have a Chinese font set as default font
  • Fix system does not send email to new user when adding new user in system admin
  • Fix thumbnail for TIFF files
  • Fix direct download link for sharing links

Avatars are awake again :+1::clap:t2:

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Thanks for bringing this back. Could you also bring back internal links for folders as it is only available for files atm?

We don’t have plan for bring it back. As the sharing dialog for folders already have 4 items. Adding another item may confuse users.

HI Daniel, Thank you for the update. To my opinion, users that use internal links can easily understand one more category of links. I don’t think it will be confusing for them to have one more link
The main problem for me would be where to put the link : at second position, or at last position ? @rdb, any opinion ? Maybe your initial proposal was better :wink:

Actual share folder dialog

Actual share file dialog



The Share to User menu still doesn’t show existing shares… Could you fix it for the next version?

I cannot reproduce your problem. This is what the “share to user” menu in the share dialog looks like right after opening it:
All pre-existing shares - no matter the type - are shown. I also logged off and back on. Same thing.

My verdict: no issue with Seafile CE in general, but with your specific instance.

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Ah, now I got it.
Cosmetic filtering of the adblocker… My fault, sorry.

That would be too bad because at least our team used that functionality quite often when refering to Seafile content in mails. IMHO a fifth element isn’t confusing at all.

its still not possible to drag&drop files into libraries on seahub with FF :frowning:

True, with Firefox 68 it still does not work as advertised. As a workaround you can drag-and-drop to either the top button bar area or to the left side bar area and you will see the green “+” appear on the pointer for the drag-and-drop operation. It’s a bit funny but it seems to work everywhere in the window but where it should. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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same behavior with
Firefox version 69.0.1
drag the file or folder and drop it in the field left beside “Tags”, “Trash” and “History” and the green “+” appears

Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90 works…