Seafile-Server on Raspberry 4

I have been using Seafile for several years on a now aged server, and want to install a Seafile-Server on my Raspberry 4B, running ArchLinuxArm.
My first attempt to try Docker and follow this guide under Seafile-manual named “deploy_seafile_pro_with_docker” but failed as the Docker image seems not be available/running on ARM64.
My 2nd attempt was a direct installation on github by haiwen named “seafile-rpi”. But this build fails with a message " *** No rule to make target ‘’, needed by ‘distdir-am’. Stop.". I am unable to find anything related … and am recommended to ask at this forum.

So what the currently the best option to install the Seafile-Server on a Raspberry?


The community version has an arm64 docker image: Seafile Community Installation - Seafile Admin Manual

Whoow, this was fast - Thanks!
It’s working - Great!!!

You’re welcome!