Seafile Server on Synology DiskStation

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are there any plans to run Seafile Server on a Synology DiskStation Manager operating system?


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I’ll add a +1 - would love to see that.

I’ve heard that people run Docker on Synology. Is that not the case?

Yes, you can run docker on certain models of Synology DiskStations. Maybe that would be an alternative to a dedicated Synology Seafile Server package, so you could run Seafile on Docker on DiskStation Manager (I see there is also already a manual and future plans to run Seafile Server on Docker).

I suppose the other option might be to spin up a virtual machine on the Synology DiskStation. Is that workable?

I would love to see that as well.

Did use Seafile in an academic environment to sync complete work folders including Git repositories between my workstation and my laptop. Worked perfectly - contrary to OwnCloud which nuked the repos on a regular basis.

Have done that twice in the last six month. The Seafile servers are in production without complaints.

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If you don’t want to wait for Seafile to be available for Synlogy (which I doubt will in the foreseeable future), you can host Seafile on a RasPi/home server on-premises or on a vserver in the datacenter of your choice at very little cost.

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I think I know Seafile pretty well, but I don’t really understand your problem. Biggest problem: What do you want to achieve? And second biggest problem: What is the “Synology drive client”? Are you sure this is a Seafile problem?