Seafile Server on Winodws Server 2016: python is not an envariable Path

Hey Guys

I try to set up a Seafile Server on Windows 2016. Unfortunately, when I try to start the “run.bat”-File, I always get the error Message “python.exe is not the envariable path”. Regarding to my google Search the solution should be adding the Python Installation Path C:python27 to the environment variable ins the System properties. So I did add a new Variable called “PYTHONPATH” (i tried Python27 as well) and added C:\Python27 in the Path System varaible. But unfortunately, I’m still getting this message.

Is there another configuration I’m missing?

Thanks for your Help.



You can try to edit run.bat and add set path=%PATH%;C:\Python27; in the beginning.

Hey Shoeper

I just relogged into my account and it seems to be working now.

FYI: Seafile server for Windows will not receive updates anymore.