Seafile Server Pro - auto locking and manual file locking not working

Auto locking and manual file locking is not working.
Files appear locked at the webinterface but every user can open and edit the files. If i lock a file in the webinterface it is not shown “locked” on the Client Computer and every user can edit it.

We use:
macOS Catalina and Monterey
Seafile Client 8.0.3
Seafile Server 10.0.1 Pro in Docker

Client seafile.log is saying nothing about “lock”.

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Nobody? Where is the Seafile Support? We payed for the Pro Edition.

I understand that you’re having issues with file locking functionality in Seafile. Files appear locked in the web interface, but any user can still open and edit them. Additionally, manual locking through the web interface doesn’t reflect on the client computers. This seems like a problem with communication between the client and server regarding file locks.

That’s right. It still is not working.
Auto Locking was the one thing we needed and why we purchased the Pro Edition. The Seafile Support is not answering. Not here or via Email. Nothing. :frowning: