Seafile Server Pro License File Issue

I was running a seafile pro server 5.1.11 with a license file issued by the german guys. Since this license was due for renewal, i bought a new license from Seafile Ltd an copied it to my server.

The problem upon restart was that this new license file could not be read and so the server didn’t start. Since this was not a file system rights issue, i stumbled upon the fact that the new license file contained two hash values (“Hash” and “Hash2”). After removing the second hash value my server started up again without any issue.

Since i have bought other licences from Seafile Ltd. in the past containing also only one hash value, i want to ask if someone can comment on this “two hash Values” issue.

We have updated the license file format. The new license file is meant to be used with version 6.0+. The license file is not compatible with version 5.x (but as you dicovered, you can delete “Hash2” as a workaround).

If you renewed the license file via email, we would ask what version you use and sent you a compatible license file.

Perfect… thanks Daniel, for this quick reply!