Seafile sync client 8.0.0 (beta) is released!

  • [Win] Build with Visual Studio 2019 instead of MinGW
  • [Win/Mac] Upgrade Qt version to 5.15.1 (which supports TLS 1.3)
  • Add V4 encryption library support, which will be available in server 8.0

Note: v4 encryption format fixes a bug in v3 format that uses AES128 for encryption, which is not secure in modern standard. Compared to the currently most used v2 format, v3/v4 encryption use separate encryption salt for each library. v2 format uses AES256, so it’s not affected by this bug.


Great news about TSL 1.3 support!


I just spoke to a customer who tried this beta version and it seems that there are some missing dependencies under Windows.
Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshot…



Are there any more details for the changes in v4 encryption?
And is there a way to tell what encryption version is used by each lib?

v4 only changes to AES256 for encryption. No other change compared to v3. Existing v3 libraries are not changed.
There is currently no way to tell the encryption version on the web interface. But if you don’t set ENCRYPTED_LIBRARY_VERSION option in you’ll use version 2 by default.

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seafile client 7.0.10
seafile server 7.1.8

after upgrade from 7.0.10 to 8.0.0 beta, the client is not working to sync;
have to delete C:\Users\Leo Li\Seafile\seafile-data everything except file accounts.db
and resync with existing folder.

Do you still have the logs? They should be in C:\users\username\ccnet\logs

seafile server 7.1.8
reinstall seafile client 7.0.10
upgrade to 8.0.0 beta;
sync not work;
delete C:\Users\Leo Li\Seafile\seafile-data everything except file accounts.db and id
resync to existing folder, synced.

logs will forward to you soon.