Seafile Sync Client MacOS Bugs + Feature Request

Hi Devs!

Thanks again for all the work you do for us.

I have found a bug in the latest version of Seafile Sync Client 9.0.1 with the introduction of the confirmation of “confirm deletion ion of 500 files”. I find that this dialogue box can take some time to appear whilst working away at the library, and by the time I answer it, it buggers up the client completely and I have to re-install the client and re-sync all the libraries. If I simply sit and wait for about 20 to 30 seconds for the dialogue to pop up, and I answer it, then no problem.

So in terms of a feature request, I was hoping you could create a toggle to turn that feature off (ie disable it) for those of us who do not want it.

Another bug I have found is that the confirmation buttons of “OK” are greyed out as if they aren’t able to be clicked. They are also very hard to read. Could we please get that fixed.

Thanks again for your efforts!

Can you provide specific steps on how to reproduce it? How many files did you delete when you meet this bug? What’s the specific problem do you mean “buggers up the client completely”?

There is an option to set the number of deleted files to trigger this dialog. You can set the number to very high to “disable” this feature.

There is no “OK” button in the dialog. Do you mean the “No” button? And by “very hard to read” do you mean the text in the dialog hard to understand?

For the “buggers up completely” issue, I think it’s a known issue for encrypted libraries. Currently delete confirmation + encrypted libraries can cause crashes and stop of syncing. It’ll be fixed in 9.0.2 version.

Over 10,000. So what happens is that after I have deleted them (by effectively moving them from one library to another) the sync client hangs waiting for me to hit the confirm button of “yes” but it either pops up and disappears because something else happens, or it doesn’t always pop up. That results in the client just waiting for a response on a pop up confirmation that isn’t there. When I then close Seafile completely, and re-load it, it is still hung in the same state. The only way around it is to uninstall the Seafile client, re-install the client, delete the account, and sign back in as a new user. That then brings Seafile back up but the library is no longer synced nor did it process the deletion of the files. So I effectively have to re-sync the library and do the process all over again.

I understand but I am dealing with large numbers of files and I have tried making the number high, but then I find the client doesn’t work properly with a very high number. What I mean by that is that syncing becomes a problem. Lastly, I’d want the number so high (eg 200,000) that it’s not possible. I can’t even set it to 9999 as the client doesn’t seem to work with such a high number. I’d rather just the option to disable it (that being the feature request - an option to disable that confirmation).

In the example you’ve provided above that’s exactly the issue. In this case it happens to be No. Sometimes is for an OK response for other things.

I hope all of the above helps clarify things.

That does sound like my issue as all I deal with is encrypted libraries. Good to hear it will be fixed in the next release. If at all possible, could we please make it optional to even have that confirmation appear at all? Thanks!