Seafile Sync Custom Folder Icons


I use an app called Folder Painter to change the color/icons of my folders for organization. However, when synced to another computer, that computer does not also copy the icons.

I have tried modifying the settings in the painter app to have it copy the icon to the folder so other computers can view it, or in the app’s developer’s words: “folder icon will be copied into it, and this will make the changes permanent.”

The icon file and desktop.ini files show up on the other computer (still running Windows), but the icon fails to show up on the folder itself.

I assume that the file properties are not saved as it’s copied from an NTFS hard drive (Windows/Client #1) to an ext4 hard drive (Ubuntu/Server) and back to NTFS (Windows/Client #2). Is there any way around this? Does anyone know if my assumption is correct? Would this be the cause?

My assumption is based upon my attempts to manually fix this using the answer from Stack Overflow. It seems to work. However, I am confused about why the folder is marked as read-only but can be written to (but that is a question for another forum). I would not want to run a command on every folder manually, so I hope there is a way around this (assuming this is the correct method).

Note: While it would be a great addition, I am not asking for the folder icon to appear on the web server; while this is a great idea, I am asking for the files synced to the computer’s hard drives (so in each computer’s native File Explorer) to have the icons.

Also, I apologize for not being an expert in Windows Folder Icon technology. I wish I could further explain how the icons are applied and the issues, but I’m hoping for some competent iconer to come along and help.

EDIT: It does appear that seafile fails to copy the +r tag of the folder. I used the attrib command to check folders with a painted icon and an unpainted icon on my original folder, and the difference does seem to be the +r attribute. The question still remains: How do I copy that attribute, or would it have to be done manually?