Seafile Unraid (Docker Container) Can't upload files larger than 100MB

I am running Seafile on unraid through a docker container. I am accessing the service through nginx. I am unable to upload files larger than 100MB.

I have read that nginx have a default file size limit and I have modified the config to account for this. Does Seafile have a default size limit? There are loads of threads out there on this topic but none of the solutions have worked for me.

For reference, I can upload and download, locally and remotely files under 100MB, no problem so I don’t think it’s a URL or settings issue. Thanks for the help!


I believe this may all be a Cloudflare 100MB limit issue. Looks like I need to enable resumable uploads which is only available with the pro version. I’m happy to pay the subscription but I’m not sure I can navigate the upgrade/migration process. I’m using a docker container from the community applications in unraid and there seems to be no info on how to migrate to pro in my situation. Is the pro version compatible with a docker container in lieu of docker compose?

The document is at: Migration from Seafile Community - Seafile Admin Manual

But it is a little outdated about the ElasticSearch part.