Seafile Wikipedia pages - do you speak czech, italian, spanish?

In order to improve Seafile’s visibility, wikipedia articles on Seafile in various European languages would be great. (ownCloud and Nextcloud have it.)

This is were you might come into play: Do you speak czech, italien, spanish fluently? Would you take care of a Seafile wikipedia article in one of these languages (or another one)?

If you are interested, let’s get in touch! I have translations in czech, italian and spanish, but I cannot maintain them because I cannot provide original references. (Example: I posted on, but the article was taken down after a week because I could not follow up.)

I don’t get your problem with wiki and references. I don’t see article in Wiki deletion log (Czech).

Re. The article was deleted on April 6. In the days prior, I had been requested to improve the text quality (I made explicit that it was a translation of the German wiki article) and to provide references in czech language. All the quoted sources in the article linked to German and English sites.

I saw that people solving this, by creating link to undefined article. Don’t press on it complete one page with blind links, and then wait for someone who will create rest or create it your self. I don’t have time badget for help, I’m glad for time for translate Seahub interface :smiley:

PS: You know wiki pages with something like “No article? Create one”

Hi Holantomas,

I am not sure that I understand what you mean with “link to undefined article”. Can you elaborate?

I understand that you speak Czech, right? Have you done the Czech translation for the client? Thanks!

In this case, you could actually help me. And it wouldn’t take much of your time!

I have a Czech translation. You would not have to translate anything (maybe a little wordsmithing here and there). All you would have to do is to post bit-by-bit and follow up on the supervisors comments. I cannot do that because my Czech is not good enough. Do you have a Czech wiki account?


This is link to undefined article People in wiki doing this if there’s no article about sub-topic but want to have reference if someone will create it.

Yes, I speak czech, no I’m translating Seahub … don’t have acess to client translation.

I don’t have wiki account (any). I can try but really don’t have time.