Seafile Windows client : no more green icon on folder.. Explorer Extension?

Hi everyone,

Few weeks ago I’ve got a problem with Explorer Extension on Windows 10 (v1709) with Seafile synchronization clients 6.0.6 or 6.0.7 (apparently all < 6.1). Extension explorer doesn’t work with this Seafile client version and Windows version.
So I’ve undertaken to update all Windows client to 6.1.1. But now we’ve got same problem with some Windows but not with some other…

With 6.1.4 it seems to work…
What’s goin on ?

We have to update client every month to have a functionnal solution ? :-/

I’ve found this post : No SeaFile Explorer Extension
But it doesn’t seems to correspond for my case… :confused: . If you have other information about this problem I’ll take it ! :slight_smile:

The extension explorer is very used by Windows user particulary with shared librairies (to lock automatically file when they’re open, or to let know user that a file is edit by another user…)

More infos :
In applet.log (client)
[03/01/18 13:56:43]DirectWrite: CreateFontFaceFromHDC() failed (Indique une erreur dans un fichier d’entrée, tel qu’un fichier de polices.) for QFontDef(Family="", pointsize=10.5, pixelsize=14, styleHint=5, weight=50, stretch=100, hintingPreference=0) LOGFONT(“MS Sans Serif”, lfWidth=0, lfHeight=-14) dpi=96

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Have you tried this method:

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Yes I tried. I have less than or exactly 15 entries but have the problem…
The problem doesn’t occured on every clients.
It seems like “repair” option of the msi package resolve the problem but I have to test on other machines. Is it possible to see what the “repair” option do ? (in log file or whatelse?) to see/try to understand where come from the problem ?

I’ll keep you in touch

For info, my windows register look like :

Thank you

Maybe other programs deleted the Seafile overlay icons from the register. Reinstalling the client added back the overlay icons.

We still have the problem on some clients… where make a repair or a reinstallation doesn’t seems to solve the problem
Do you have any solution for me ? or some information to look at ?..

Thank you.

Some programs are persistent with making certain that they come first in the ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers section of the registry. OneDrive is one such program that “adapts” itself. What worked for me was placing a space in front of each one of the Seafile entries in the registry.

Like @Romain I have an overlay problem.
I am using Windows 10 and everything went fine until I did upgrade from Seafile Client 6.1.8 to 6.2.9.
After that I had basic white icons displayed as overlays on my original file/folder icons.
I rebooted to try to get things working again… and then everything was gone :cry:

I tried to remove OneDrive mess from the registry and then to reinstall Seafile Client using the repair option.
Despite all that it still doesn’t work.

So, here are my questions :
Where can I download Seafile Client 6.1.8 to downgrade my installation ?
Have you got a solution for this problem ?

Some customers of mine are experiencing the same problem, so I know it is not an orphan case…

Hello again,
I had an idea while writing the previous message :

  1. I removed the Seafile entries within the overlays list using regedit.
  2. I repaired the Seafile Client installation using 6.2.9 installer
  3. Rebooted the machine.

The overlays are now back !
I hope this will help other…


Up !
We still have the problem with new client upgrade (6.2.11). On some machines it works well and on others not at all…
Unfortunately the @RomainC solution doesn’t work for us. It’s seems that the only common point is that OneDrive overlays comes first on machines that doesn’t work… What is the order of the differents ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers entries for you ?

So, Repair + reboot or Remove seafile entries + repair + reboot don’t fix the problem, as well @wthess solution : adding spaces at the beginning of the overlays names, doesn’t seems to fix it although it place Seafile entries first…
OneDrive looks like it “adapts” very very well and add a lot of spaces at the beginning of his overlays names…

@daniel.pan : What can we do to solve the problem ? We need a good solution quickly please…

Thank you.

@Romain Can you paste a screenshot of the list of Windows registry entries under ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers for us to better identify the problem?

Here an example when it doesn’t work :

I made a mistake, when we just add spaces it seems to works, seafile entries in registry comes first again, and icons come back after reboot… We will try to do a Windows update to see if OneDrive comes first again and substitute seafile icons… if that is the case it wouldn’t be a good solution for us…

I’ll keep you in touch, thank you