Seafile & Windows= Dead end buggy software


this tutorial is on linux, I have no interest in using the linux system, the software CLAIMS it works on windows , yet no one here has shown any proof of that, except for some non descript hot air from one user , who mysteriously did not bother to write back when asked how he made it work.

If anyone with any WINDOWS experience can help me with this problem I would appreciate it, I am pretty sure because it is open source there is a direct correlation as to WHY this software has so many issues.

I will most likely turn to a paid solution because this softwares stability is in serious doubt!


Hey man cool down… the only one having “so many issues” is you.

I told you the tutorial is on linux in the first place. Maybe here is no one running Seafile on a windows server because it makes (in my opinion) not much sense to run a transparent open source (so more trustworthy) data cloud system like Seafile on a totally intransparent closed source operation system dinosaur like windows?

Anyway before you start crying there are some step by step picture tutorials in the former Seafile forum (now owned by Syncwerk GmbH):

Happy now?


This software is probably not for you bud. While the docs get you a good starting point, you also have to be a good enough sysadmin to be able to troubleshoot things like no mysql connection on your own.

Maybe try owncloud? It’s much slower than seafile but you may be able to run an appliance VM of it on your Windows server and skip the installation woes.


Actually I am a former MCSE network administrator that used to work for the DOD, DOJ, and NSA computer mainframes. Technically I was never around mainframes, I was to young. I started in NOCS.

Anyway when anyone be that a simple based linux “pro” or a technically inclined and trained windows technician , looks at any manual its usually pretty cut and dry. This setup document clearly shows steps to take, but also has most likely left some out. If one follows the setup steps it will usually result in everything working, unless a “pro” left things out.

Linux may be this magical system with flexibility but windows to this day still remains the dominant operating system. I have no issue with linux, in fact I used to run Debian, Suse and Ubuntu, I stopped using the system when it became a chore to have to get every software new and run twenty commands to get a sound card working

If this works under windows, then it should work. Oh and to your comment about mysql, I setup databases all time with php for web servers, however the document never even tells anyone to set up a database, so what exactly is seafile connecting to at the beginning.

This software remains a mystery to me, and owncloud is no much better to that fact. There is a reason why dropbox is popular and easy. Alas we just wanted a way to set up an open source and STABLE software on our server so we could serve files to our project users


I have set up seafile also a several times for Windows (7, 8 and 10). Per default with SQLlite, but also with MYSQL.
All of this systems were running without problems, but i have migrated them to Ubuntu, because newer versions are earlier available for Linux.

Just now, I have read the actual windows install documentation and tried it: It took me exactly 7 (in words: SEVEN) minutes to set up the server for windows, INCLUDING the time for downloading, extracting, python setup and reading the manual. The server works fine with SQLlite.

Please note: PEBCAK



I think this is all well and good, but if you look at my original post , which was the install under windows 2008 server you will see that all is not well, any suggestions to work through troubleshooting

I see lots of people here that “Claim” that the software works well, yet no one willing to open up their “vast knowledge” and help figure out why mine does not

i am not whining I am simply asking for help for a software that clearly does not install the way it is supposed to, and functions even less like it was said to have worked


It does, on Linux. I don’t use Windows at all

Maybe you should try to upload your log files here or to any hosting site like pastebin. Without these we can only guess…


Sounds like a plan, Ill recreate a fresh install and follow that startup doc to the letter, then ill get the logs here for people to pour over


I am running Seafile Server on Windows 10 Enterprise without any issues, using nginx and SQLite.
I am sure we can figure your issues out together.



that would be awesome, I have been busy lately and it has been on the back burner, but I could really use the help,

thanks res80, what time zone are you in, maybe we could connect via PM so we could figure it out, I can even give you some RDP access to take a peek.

I just went out and bought a trial of Dropbox pro since this software was so much of a pain it set my team back a weeks work and productivity, I still have no intentions of using dropbox in the long term if i can get this thing working properly


maybe Res80 is from Antarctica ???


No, res80 is from Europe, but had a day off on Sunday…
Since you are running Windows Server, are you using Seafile with nginx or IIS?
And which database did you try? mysql or sqlite?
the latter is easier to setup, because it is inbuilt to Seafile, but might have some disadvantages for multi-user systems.
We are using seafile with three users, and have no issues with sqlite.


Oh, and do you want to use seafile only on LAN or with public IP?
Do you have a static IP? or do you use DynDNS?


Hey there ,

I own a stack of dedicated IPS, our servers are our own and not shared hosted servers

As for the server backbone it is on IIS,

As for what database , that part confused me as it said in the guide when you first set this up you do not need a database, which seemed weird to me, although I never got that far so

Probably about 50 users max, each would have the client on their computers , when the master copy was changed they would all update

It would be a public address but secured through user auth


Btw when I do install it I can see the server running in services and inn processes

So I know it’s close to running but I add an admin pick the drive, then when I go to myip I get a connection error instead of a login


I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t like your way of expression. You write like you can demand instant help with this free software in your business without using the commercial support. And if anything does not work correctly, it’s the fault of the “buggy software”.
I would recommend to:

  • change your expression
  • read the doc again:
  • as it states that 25 users is max for Windows and you want to serve 50
  • because it clearly mentions howto deploy Seafile under MySQL
  • try it under Linux because it suits better. Windows is not best practise for this kind of stuff.


well not that any of what you said helped

some of us are good at making money, and others are good at making us money

as for the users its buggy because it never works to begin with, never mind what OS its on or how many users

did you have some helpful stuff to contribute

there was a guy here was like “oh it work and i have this many servers working” but when we asked how he went about that, he vanished,

its free software, can be used any way we see fit

Honestly I have all but written it off, no one seems to have the answers, and I followed the guide you linked btw and it never worked,

My attitude is a reflection of the headaches I have suffered trying to get this “amazing” software to work

I hazard to guess that Dropbox does not power themselves with this


You can’t expect helpful answer with this kind of attitude. You state that the software is buggy, don’t respect other people and so on but can’t even make a useful bug description.

What a user who is willing to help you needs is:

  • a step by step description what you did
  • a detailed(!) description what does not work
    • maybe screenshots
    • maybe error reports

Furthermore you could try to deploy Seafile on a new installed Windows machine just to see whether the machine is the problem.

I’m done with this.


thanks for the “help” epinez


I agree with “epinez”. A seafile installation with mariaDB on debian 8 in my case takes about 30 minutes without forgetting the certificates ssl “let’s encrypt”. I only used the manual that seafile puts at disposal (except for let’s encrypt). And as it is said above 25 people, linux is required to run seafile properly.
I advise you to reread the manual. And if you have a fresh installation of debian, give me a ssh access, and I would show you that seafile installs without problem …
Good luck.