Seafile with Hosting Provider?

G’day all, I’ve got SeaFile running on my home box and it’s great.

I’m looking to set up a second server for a different project on a hosting provider

I’ve got an ‘unlimited’ account with Bluehost and was wondering if anyone has had any success getting SeaFile running with a VPS like this?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

I don’t know Bluehost, so nothing concrete for your case. But I hope it helps anyway.

We have installed Seafile on different VPS by German hosting providers. There are some where it is easier, some where it is a little more tricky.

Have you tried and failed? Why don’t you just describe the problems encountered?

If you don’t have the time to setup and maintain a Seafile Server, our offer might be interesting for you

And you will get all Seafile Professional Features.

I 've taken a look a their website, and it seems that even there biggest VPS isn’t powerful, so I hope the project isn’t big. But you definitely need more Storage than 120GB so look for a Storage solution, you know, for storage backends you need Pro. And maybe the limitation of 3TB is bad for big usecases.

Which „3TB“ limitation are you talking about?

He’s talking about Bluehost (mentioned above)

Ok. I still don’t know Bluehost.

The traffic limitation of bluehost.