Seafile Zimlet for Zimbra - "Go to SeaFile" button does not work

I have successfully installed&set-up the zimlets and main functions properly work.

I have the following issue.

"Go to SeaFile" button does not work . Clicked the button “Go to Seafile” results in opening a new page in the browser with URL “about:blank”
May you fix it or suggest how to sort it out?

Thanks and regards
Giulio Ferretti

Hi Giulio,
the Seafile Zimlet is not a product of Seafile Ltd. The zimlet was developed by Zetalliance and datamate (I work for the later). So technically, the Seafile forum is the wrong place for your issue. This said, @christophdb should be able to tell you more about debugging options.

really thanks for the clarification.
Please, may you also suggest where I should raise this kind of issue?

@cdb may you support on this specific issue?


Hey Giulio_Ferretti,

in the settings of the zimlet, did you add “/” as path of owncloud/nextcloud/seafile?
Otherwise the best way to get help is to post an issue at github:

There was already an issue about the “go to seafile” button, probabily this already contains the solution:

Best regards

Thank you so much Christoph.

Actually yes, I have field Location ownCloud/Nextcloud: set as “/”.
As suggested I have opened the following issue in GitHub:

Kind regards,