SeafileDocs 1.0.1, public Wiki feature is ready!


  • Public Wikis is ready to use in this version.
  • SeafileDocs logo
  • Improved activities
  • Improved library info bar

You can find the user manual for Wikis here:

Public Wikis


When editing a page, you can insert internal links via drag and drop.

Clicking internal links to Markdown files and folders will visit the corresponding page.


Embedded images in a page will be made public automatically. You don’t need to generate sharing links for images.

Special folders

Drafts, images and downloads folder are hidden from the file tree.

You can use the downloads folder to store public files that related to the Wiki, generate sharing links, and add the links to Wiki pages.

SeafileDocs logo

SeafileDocs now has its own logo:



Activity page help you keep track of changes to documents.

Now activities are grouped by date and draft & review activities are recorded.

Library information bar

The UI of the library information bar is improved with new background color and new icons.

Accessing docker-compose.yml requires login.

And on the bottom right are some wired scrollbars. See image below (attention discourse only shows a part of the image as long as you don’t click on it)