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it is okay to split this stuff
it is okay to do docker releases

it would be really really great, if the ce docker releases would be actualized too !!!


What do you mean?
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but the seafile ce latest version is V6.3.4

see changelog:
6.3.4 (2018/09/15)

[fix] Fix a security issue in Shibboleth authentication
[fix] Fix sometimes Web UI will not autoload a >100 item directory view

i think if there are security fixes you should update docker releases

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I think this will only be additional work without any gain. It would be better to just keep it configurable as before. If the setup should be simplyfied you could offer different setup profiles.

Furthermore the docker images have many issues unsolved. E.g. NO security updates since release (whenever Ubuntu gets one you have to rebuild the image to make sure the vulnerability is mitigated). According to user reports they are also not very reliable, when a component fails the container has to be restarted manually, instead of splitting the software up into multiple containers and letting docker restart failed components automatically. New releases are also often behind and the private registry is not reliable and at least once some images were removed from the registry.


Although I agree, the reference is misleading as CE does not support shibboleth.

Edit: I was wrong on this CE does support shibboleth.

@shoeper i have many collegues in Universities who use CE and Shibboleth authentification.
This issue is for both editions : Unable to authenticate with Shibboleth - #13 by sniexx


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The docker image for CE edition is updated. It was designed to be automatically updated via a script via Travis CI. The bug is fixed now.

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Hi daniel, great news about the special edition.

But it is still confusing:

  • how can I know which version of Seafile CE I am installing? I do not see any hint if seafile:latest is the special edition version
  • which is the correct way to install? The instructions on manual dot seafile dot com differ from the instructions at docs dot seafile dot com because the latter use docker-compose (I am not too familiar with docker yet)

Hi Daniel, another thing about your “Docker decision”:

  • in your docker-compose.yml you require version 3.0. On a freshly installed Ubuntu server 18.04, this version is not available.
    Threfore, it is not possible to follow your installation instructions on a normal, stable Linux! To overcome this, users will have to install the latest docker compose from source, which is not recommended for production environments, or alter your docker-compose.yml

In the web interface → about, you can know the version you are using. is for the standard edition, while manual on docs DOT seafile DOT com is for the seafile-docs edition.

It is changed to version 2.0.


This is a nice idea but might create more confusion than it solves problems.

From a paying customer point of view I was just thinking why resources were put into creating a new product rather than fixing issues of the Seafile Pro edition (e.g. the memcached bug that creates a lot of issues and makes proper working HA impossible). I am not even speaking about the CE, this is about paying customers that should be able to expect major bugs fixed rather than new products build.

What do you mean by that?

There was a fix but it doesn’t seem to work properly yet. We need to invest time to test this further, whereas a paying customer should be able to expect stable software. We basically pay for the software and have to invest time before deploying to do testing of all features since every release has it’s own new bugs that cause problems. :-/

The problem is solved already.

Can confirm that, everything works even with HA, that’s why i asked.

@DerDanilo Your post is several months old.

As I said we have to do more tests and have a look.

I just hope, that Markdown editor and version control with diff will stay in regular Seafile CE edition and will not move just to SeafileDOCS. It is cool feature. And please add more formatting to Markdown editor code like bash/sh etc.

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Where can seafile docs pro be pulled?