SeafileDocs: a special edition of Seafile that focus on online document and knowledge management


I just hope, that Markdown editor and version control with diff will stay in regular Seafile CE edition and will not move just to SeafileDOCS. It is cool feature. And please add more formatting to Markdown editor code like bash/sh etc.


Where can seafile docs pro be pulled?


The pro edition is not released yet.


This is quite interesting. When will the pro edition be released?

Can we run Seafile and SeafileDocs from the same linux server?


The pro edition will be released after we release the normal 7.0 version at April.

SeafileDocs runs in a separate Docker. You can run them in the same linux server but need extra configuration.


Does SeafileDocs miss some features of Seafile ? Is this correct : SeafileDocs = Seafile + XXX ?

So if I have currently a Seafile instance, can I simply configure SeafileDocs to take place of it and to provide this Wiki oriented solution without any major changes ?



Yes, it is correct.


Hi @daniel.pan
It seems that is down. Since a while already actually.

Is there any other way to get a manual to install this docker version?

EDIT: Is it just “docker pull seafileltd/seafile” or what image is it?


Here it works, but it’s loading very slow.


The server is located in China. So it’s slow to access from Europe. It would be better to use docker to install it locally.


I can’t find the public Git repository of this edition of Seafile. I’m really interested of this version of Seafile for knowledge management in my company.


It is the same GIT repositories.


But where can I report bugs about the markdown editor or wiki features which don’t exist on the standard edition of seafile ?


Does this special version of seafile will continue to be maintained or it’s already deprecated ?


For the pro version, the features are already included in the standard edition.

For the community edition, we will use this branch to replace the regular docker version community edition. In another words, the docker for CE will include the file activities and Markdown diff features.