Seahub crashes randomly, Nginx error 502 Bad Gateway

Hi, for many years I’m running a Seafile instance on my Raspberry Pi. It was installed with version 4.0.6 and updated through the years up to 9.0.2. I use a sqlite3 installation with Nginx as proxy. Since updating to version 6.x or 7.x I noticed the following odd behavior:

After a few hours after startup of Seafile and Seahub, the Seahub process crashes or is no longer running. This will lead Nginx to return error 502 Gateway not found, when I try to access the seahub page. It will also cause the Seafile Sync clients to do no longer display the libraries - however the sync still works. As a workaround I just have to start the seahub process again with
/home/seafile/seafile-server-latest/ start
as seafile user. But it will crash again just after a few hours…

I have tried to search for errors in some log files, but there are no recent entries in the log files. I have no idea what to check or how to diagnose the issue.

Could you please help and guide me, to find and solve the problem?

Hi Vincey.
I had same issue. Seafile ran with an external HDD and I figured out, that the HDD was broken.

I have switched to a new SD card on my Raspberry Pi, but I’m still having the same issue.

Any other suggestions how to diagnose the root cause?