Seahub is exiting immediately after start


I get the following error message when i try to execute the installation script “seafile-7.1_ubuntu”

Starting seahub at port 8000 …
!!! WARNING: configuration file should have a valid Python extension.

Error:Seahub failed to start.

Hi Ironkuts,

welcome to the Seafile Community Forum.

I am sure the file you are trying to execute is no install script. I think I know the relevant ones and this is not one I know. On top of that, sh-scripts that Seafile uses are, well obviously, not python source files.

Please follow the install instructions in the seafile manual:

Lastly, let me also say this: I hesitated to respond to your forum post. Your post does not contain any contextual information which make helping you looking into a crystal ball. Why not explain in a few words what you want to do, what you have (already) done. You get better answers when you enable the community to help you. In short: Help the others to help you. Your post is an example of how not to do it.