Seahub - Uploaded files through Web-UI end up in wrong directories

Hi All,

I think this might be a bug in the Seahub-Server. Lets say I’m uploading a large (>1GB) through the Web-UI into directory A within a random library and whilst it’s uploading I navigate to directory B, the file ends up in directory B instead of A (or any other directory at the time the upload completes). I was running a upload of a couple of bigger zip archives and they all ended up in the incorrect directories. I had to manually sort through them.

I’m running the latest 7.1.5 release on a Debian amd64 server.

This issue is also reproducible on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Does anybody have the same problem?

There is a problem, but not in the way you described it.

When you start an file upload into folder A and then switch to folder B and the upload is completed, the file is displayed in folder B. When you then go back to folder A, you will find the uploaded file there. When yo go back to folder B, you will not fail to find the uploaded file.

Hence the auto-refresh upon upload completition is buggy, but files end up in the right folder no matter where you navigate after initiating the upload.

Please retry.

PS: Please do not upload files in excess of 1GB via Seafile’s webinterface! The clients are much better at managng the upload of files of this size than the browser.

You were spot on! After completing the upload the file appeared to be in directory B, but after a manual page refresh everything was back in it’s place in directory A.

Thanks a lot for the quick help!

PS: Is there a reason for the file size limitation of 1024MB? Some of the people I’m forwarding a upload link to only use this once and then never again. It would be a lot to ask for them install the clients only for a single upload.

Glad to hear that.

Let’s me specify my previous response: There is no hard limit. You can configure Seafile (and your webserver, which handles the traffic) to also allow file uploads in the GB area. The thing is: While the clients are optimized for uploading/downloading files, webservers are not. The bigger the files, the more likely it becomes that upload via the browser are not successful. Here but one example: If the upload is interrupted for whatever reason, the client resumes where it left off. The browser has to start over again.

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