Search not working

Seafile search via the web has either never worked or has stopped working in my lab set-up. This is running the free 3-user v10.x Pro version. Quick question - do you need ElasticSearch to be even able to search for file names like this? All it does is sit there with the spinning busy icon.


You should read the installation manual :slight_smile:
You need to install Elasticsearch in docker and edit the configuration files to enable it.

I have read the installation manual and that specifically says “Enabling full text search”. My question is whether you need ElasticSearch to even carry out a file name search. ElasticSearch indexes the contents of files so you can search within a file, e.g. a PDF. I understand that but all I want is to be able to search for file names.

Where are you finding the v11.x Pro version?
As of today I only see a seafile-pro-server_10.0.11 available in ht t p s : / / download.seafile.c o m/d/6e5297246c/?p=/pro

I also experienced same exact search issue as you when I first setup seafile v10 pro installed with installation scripts but without jre and without elasticsearch.
Did you follow the instructions at
htt p s : / / manual.seafile.c o m/deploy_pro/download_and_setup_seafile_professional_server/

I also installed on a different machine the v11 community edition and there the search successfully worked correctly for filenames.

On the v10 pro machine I did try editing the seafevents.conf file to disable some of the config thinking maybe searfile search was failing on no connection to elastic search. I assumed a basic search without Enabling full text search was possible however nothing helped when changing any of these seafevents.conf default settings:
external_es_server = true
es_host = elasticsearch
es_port = 9200
enabled = true
interval = 1m

I was unable to get seafile pro v10 to search without elasticsearch running and correctly connected.

The easiest and fastest method to further test I found was following using the seafile provided docker installation instructions
h t t p s : / / manual.seafile.c o m/docker/pro-edition/deploy_seafile_pro_with_docker/

After deploying it all with docker I found there were some additional steps required to get seafile connected to elasticsearch. You can follow these issues I am dealing with in my thread at h t t p s : / / forum.seafile. c om/t/seafile-server-pro-edition-w-docker-default-docker-compose-yml-wont-connect-to-elasticsearch/18948

Please comment later if you find any method of getting pro seafile basic search working on file names without elasticsearch.

Sorry my mistake v10.0.11. Version number blindness! Bit busy at moment so will get back to you on the other suggestions.

I’m in a similar situation. I have indexing working with ES on the latest Seafile Pro. HOWEVER, I am unable to get regular file/folder-name search working. After I upload something, it’s invisible to search until after ES indexes it. Very strange.

Would appreciate any help.

Still have a ticket for this but not that urgent as can search using File Explorer.