Server 6.0.7 Windows Server Local Data plain text option


I have Seafile Server 6.0.7 installed on Windows Server 2016. My question is can the server data cache (I think the folder is called block) be stored in plain text on the server?

I would like to have a normal SMB share from the Windows Server to the network but the data cache doesn’t seem to be in plain text. I have made sure that server encryption is disabled but still the data is not in a normal readable format.

The second reason for having the data in a normal readable format is for disaster recovery, in the case the server OS fails, the data will still be readable via another windows machine.

Is their an option I am missing or is this how the server works?

I guess I have a somewhat decent setup for this now. I have a running backup of the actual server database using Windows Server Backup. I have implemented a raw file backup by using the Seadrive application and backing up that raw data as well.