Server 6.2.5: Failed to read dir


we currently have an error syncing a client with our server (community edition 6.2.5 on Ubuntu 16.04). The client log says:

Bad response code for PUT 500.

At the same time, our seafile.log reports this error every couple of seconds:

[05/15/2018 11:48:13 AM] ../common/fs-mgr.c(1885): [fs mgr] Failed to read dir 3f95ba125213508bc1b16d72b2dd59965bab41bd.
[05/15/2018 11:48:13 AM] ../common/merge-new.c(575): Failed to find dir 7cded088-f671-4f71-9858-b73aeed17feb:3f95ba125213508bc1b16d72b2dd59965bab41bd.
[05/15/2018 11:48:13 AM] http-server.c(868): Failed to merge.

It looks like there is a problem uploading a commit to the server. Can someone help me identify the issue and make sure we can get syncing back working?

Thanks in advance,

Is this happening with uploading to all libraries or just one? Based on your log file, it appears it’s just one folder it can’t find. You could try seaf-fsck and seaf-gc on the server and see if that finds anything.

Hi, yes it’s only one of many libraries, and it only complains about this one directory. I did run both seaf-fsck and seaf-gc before, sorry I did not include that info. Both tools did not report any problems with the library.

You should try to resync the libaries completely.

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I agree with @bionade24. That’s going to be the easiest and simplest solution. According to the error, it can’t even find the folder for it. You can try verifying it is there, and if it is, check the permissions on the folder and the files within it. Outside that, recreating and resyncing that library is the best method to fixing the problem.

Okay, we are doing that now. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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