Server Error : Internal

just brought up new seafile server (recently was on Windows and 5.3) on Linux Ubuntu 16.04.02 + Apache +SSL and latest version 6.0.8 , moved sqlite db and seafile file base.

Over the web - no problemo, but when I’ve tried to connect users and make moving to the new server I’ve received “Internal Error”. I’ve made some lookup over the web and forum, but I didn’t found my problem, because i have such thing : OperationalError: no such column: api2_tokenv2.created_at in the end. I believe that I need to add that line in the db, but I’m not a DB Guru. Can someone help ?

seahub_django_log on pastebin :

See here

So you did an update from 5.1.3 to 6.0.8 without running the update script.

You need to either run upgrade/ or apply upgrade/sql/6.0.0/sqlite3/seahub.sql to your database.


Yeah, I’ve found this thread, but when I try to update it throws up that there this :slight_smile:

Error: no such column: created_at

No, ain’t no update. Fresh install with moving seahub.db and seafile data folder.

That was the error. You should have installed the same version, than imported the data and then updated the server. This update will also update the databases and would create the missing columns

Aww, ok! Understood! That means I can run that update script and that would be ok ? Or should I reinstall it?

Better reinstall a fresh server with version 5.3, import the data and then update.
Or you update your old server to the current version and then move the data/dbs

I’ve already performed update script to the newer instance. And think it works ok, thanks for support!