SERVICE_URL и FILE_SERVER_ROOT сonfiguration file location

I am configuring SERVICE_URL and FILE_SERVER_ROOT via web interface. I have a need to write a script for automatic configuration. I cannot find where seafile stores these settings. I searched in mysql database and searched in all files in conf folder. Tell me.

this might be a good start to look&edit:

Found. The settings are still saved in the database.

You’ll find those values in config files and the database. Though the values in the database always take precedence.

I would be very grateful for information on where these config files are.

You can set the constants (if they don’t exist) in the following files:

In conf/ccnet.conf


In conf/


In conf/ccnet.conf i have the address of my internal network behind the router. I want to find where the external ip address is stored.I only found it in the database. The problem is that I change the values in the database, but for it to apply, I need to restart the computer. I’ve tried the following commands:

pkill -u seafile
service seafile start
service seahub start

The server starts up. Settings are not applied. So it takes the settings from the config file. And if you restart it takes from the database.