Set a default quota in MB

Hello everyone,

I need to set a default quota but in the seafile manual it only indicates for values ​​greater than 1 GB. is it possible to set a default quota in MB?

Thank you very much for your help.

what do you mean with quota? A maximum quota for one user or maximum for one a fileupload?


Thanks for answering.

In that part of the manual where a default quota is defined.

My question is,
Is it possible to define it also in MB?

Have you tried to use it with a dezimal count like 0.5 for 500 MB?

If you look at the image, it specifies integer only. and yes, I tried what you tell me and it doesn’t work

It looks like the problem exist since a while:

It’s look like that you can set the quota in the backend in MB in the accountadministration.