Set new (maximum) retention period for all libraries for all users

I currently have a server with 28 users that says it’s using 2.6TB, however it actually is using well over 7TB on disk.
Setting a new default retention period and doing a GC has not helped, so I suspect some users or some libraries still have very high retention settings.
To fix this, I would like to set a maximum retention period, or a new retention period for all libraries, whichever is easier (but preferably the first), however I have not found a way to do this.
Could anyone help out?

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Hi there,
little later… but I have the same problem. Did you find same solution?

I think the only way would be to change all retention intervals in the database.

@daniel.pan @Jonathan Can you please add an option in the admin panel (CE + Pro) to change the history settings for existing libraries?

If retention periods change admins should be able to change them on a global scale without the requirement to work with the DBs. This would also allow to enforce history settings if users decide to go for no limit.


You can set ENABLE_REPO_HISTORY_SETTING to False in and then set the default history length in seafile.conf. For existing libraries, you have to change the database manually.

Thanks, these settings are known.
But this is exactly what is asked to add an option for. Even adding a script to do this would help. Doing something manually in the database is neither a good option nor customer friendly.

Thanks for considering

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