Set VPS listening ports?

I have a vps machine, I can connect to my vps server by command:
ssh root@my_vps_ip : ~ -p my_vps_ports

I follow the Instruction here:
I just use the default configuration suggested by the tutorial. I can open the web UI at server by typing, however I can not get access to the web UI on my local PC by typing http://my_vps_ip:8000. I use the command below to ensure that I have opened the 8000 and 8082 ports. I also close the firewall.

netstat -ntpl | grep 8082
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 23174/seaf-server
netstat -ntpl | grep 8000
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 23205/python2.7
sudo ufw status
Status: inactive

I am not sure why I can not get access to the seafile server on my client PC. maybe I do not set the my_vps_ports?
Thanks for any help.

my config information are as folllow:

What is the ip or domain of this server?
For example, w, or,

Where would you like to store your seafile data?
Note: Please use a volume with enough free space.
[default: /home/cao/cloud_drive/installed/seafile-data ] /home/cao/cloud_drive/

/home/cao/cloud_drive/ is an existing non-empty directory. Please specify a different directory

Where would you like to store your seafile data?
Note: Please use a volume with enough free space.
[default: /home/cao/cloud_drive/installed/seafile-data ]

What tcp port do you want to use for seafile fileserver?
8082 is the recommended port.
[default: 8082 ]

This is your config information:

server name: xycao
server ip/domain:
seafile data dir: /home/cao/cloud_drive/installed/seafile-data
fileserver port: 8082

If you are OK with the configuration, press [ENTER] to continue.

Generating ccnet configuration in /home/cao/cloud_drive/installed/ccnet…

Successly create configuration dir /home/cao/cloud_drive/installed/ccnet.

Generating seafile configuration in /home/cao/cloud_drive/installed/seafile-data …


Seahub is the web interface for seafile server.
Now let’s setup seahub configuration. Press [ENTER] to continue

Creating seahub database now, it may take one minute, please wait…


creating seafile-server-latest symbolic link … done

Your seafile server configuration has been completed successfully.

Interesting… I’m having the same issue on the community edition on my private server ever since I upgraded to version 6.1.X to 6.2.X. I’ve spent several hours on the issue, and I’m beginning to believe that it’s a bug. However, you are on a VPS, so your situation may be different. What version of the server are you using?

Fastcgi was dropped, you have to adjust your config most probably. But you should use a local proxy.

@DerDanilo - Unfortunately, I can’t get that to work. Since 6.2.X, I’m unable to use a reverse proxy on an alternate port via NGinx. I’ve posted all the details in another thread.


Here is the thread where I detail the problem.