Setting mtime via Web API

Hi, is there a way to set the mtime of a file during upload via the Web API, or is there a way to set the mtime afterwards? I looked at the documentation and couldn’t find anything related.

Background: I’d really like to preserve photo timestamps in the Android client because my photo management software sorts them by mtime. AFAIK the Android client uses the Web API, so any functionality not present in the Web API can’t be used by the client.

Same here.

Uploading files via the Windows SeaDrive client does appear to preserve the “last modified” timestamp, so there’s definitely some functionality for it somewhere. I wonder if that’s a private API though. Hmm.

AFAICS the desktop Seafile client can do that as well, not just the SeaDrive client. Unless I’m mistaken, this depends on whether you want to use the documented Web API (in which case mtime is not settable) or some other interface (in which case mtime is settable in some way).
That said, it would be interesting to look at a network dump of an operation where SeaDrive or the desktop client set the mtime of a file, and then document the inner workings of that operation.