./setup-seafile.sh: line 517: 323 Illegal instruction

Generating ccnet configuration in /home/pi/ccnet…

./setup-seafile.sh: line 517: 323 Illegal instruction LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SEAFILE_LD_LIBRARY_PATH “${ccnet_init}” -F “${default_conf_dir}” -c “${default_ccnet_conf_dir}” --name “${server_name}” --host “${ip_or_domain}”

Error occured during setup.
Please fix possible issues and run the script again.

Im running Raspbian 10 buster on a Pi B+ and using the latest stable seafile_rpi version

see here:

in your case is due to ARMv6. I will ping you when the ARMv6 release is ready. Probably this Saturday.

You can check the 7.0.3 here.

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@venum @langhaarschneider the 7.0.4 Pi B+ Version is now available as well.

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