Share links shows after upgrade to server 9.0.2 CE

Have been using seafile since version 6 without any major issues.
However, after upgrading to 9.0.2 the file sharing link shows the internal address instead of the public url??
I saw that this URL was moved in the config files, maybe this is causing the issues?
Any ideas?
Btw, I am running sshl in front of nginx, but this didn’t cause any problems so far.
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Just found the issue.
Obviously, the update script did not copy the service URL correctly.
Checked the script and did it manually, after a restart, everything is working now OK again.
Sorry for not trying first.
But perhaps this is helpful for other people experiencing the same issue.
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Hello! Could you tell me what exactly you changed in the script? As far as I understand, we are talking about this code fragment?


I didn’t change the script, I just read the script and added the service URL accordingly to the config file manually.

Could you show what, specifically, you changed in the configuration file (in this file: ?). The URL of your site does not have to be specified or can be covered up in the screenshot. Thanks!

So in version 8 and before the service URL was in ccnet.conf like that:
In Version 9 it has to bee in but the update script did not work in my case, so I added manually:
Beware of the quotation mark at the beginning and the end of the domain name in the new file, that’s different from the old file.
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Thank you so much!
In my case , the error was in combining two parameters into one after update 8.0.8 - 9.0.2.

ServiceURL error