Shared to me libraries and directories don't show up in SeaDrive

Hello there,

I’m using Seafile Drive Client 0.8.4 on Windows 10 and have a setup of Seafile Server 6.2.3 for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.
In SeaDrive I can see only my owned libraries but shared libraries and directories from other users to me is missing.
On Client for Windows 6.1.3 on same PC I can sync those shared libraries and directories without problems.

I tested older Seafile Server 6.1.2 for Raspberry Pi and all those shared libraries was available in same Seafile Drive Client 0.8.4, so SeaDrive is working fine with that older server version. I then tried to update server from this 6.1.2 to newest 6.2.3 and problem reoccurred. Those shared to me libraries and directories is missing in Seafile Drive Client 0.8.4 on Windows 10… Again I can see only my owned libraries…

Hope I’m not the only one having such problem…

Sync shared folder’s is not available for now for all users.

I have no problem showing shared libraries in SeaDrive 0.8.4 and Seafile Pro 6.2.3.

Sorry I thought that I saw somewhere here that is not supported but cannot find topic about it.

Ghemm… Well if Seafile Pro 6.2.3 server version works ok with newest SeaDrive, then there should be problem with Seafile Server 6.2.3 for Raspberry… Maybe someone else can check if they can see shared libraries on SeaDrive when newest server version is running on Raspberry ?