Sharing option "Admin" - How to enable?


does anyone know how to enable the library sharing option “Admin” as described here: ?

Do you need any additional config options (which I couldn’t find in the documenation) or is this option only available in Seafile Pro?

In a fresh Community edition install of version 9.0 a library can only be shared as “Read-only” or “Read-Write” it seems. “Admin” is not available. This howto in German ( states, that there is even another option where you can choose from seven different rights in version 9.0. The official english documentation doesn’t mention this at all.


Unfortunately, as far as I know, this is only a pro feature.

In the German link, it already says (a bit below the part you’re quoting) that the community edition only offers 2 of these sharing options. These are (not explained there) read-only and read-write.

Right under my nose :sweat_smile: Thank you!