Sharing With Groups You're Not A Member Of

I wanted to share one of my libraries (let’s call it “programster expenses”) with a group I was not part of (let’s call it “finance department”). I found that I was able to share the library with specific users, but could not share it with a group unless I was a member of that group. This is because the group would not appear in the dropdown as I typed the group’s name.

Surely one should be able to share to a group of users (whose membership may change over time) without having to be a member of that group?


I would also like to see this feature, actually I was surprised this feature is missing… At the moment I have to share with individuals which will create a lot of extra work in the future when employees leave/start.

For us, sharing with just (global) LDAP groups could be sufficient.

Actually, we have implemented the feature in version 6.2. You can turn it on via Web UI or adding