Shifting seafile from server on windows 3.0.7 to linux centos 3.2.5

kindly i want to know how can i shift my seafile working perfectly in windows using server 3.0.7 with sqlite to linux version on centos version 3.2.5 ??

can i shift directly ?? or i should moving first to linux 3.0.7 version ?? if so , where the downloading server file for linux 3.0.7 ??


so please anybody can send to me the linux 3.0.7 p, i couldn’t find anywhere

Before being lazy and just ask, you should have searched trough the forum: This thread has most version linked.

All link are expired already ,check well plz before complaining.
Where the download link for linux version 6.0.7 ??
Help me before complaining plz

What about the bitbucket link? Please be also aware of the new Libary version you’ll get during the upgrades.

Nothing there for 6.0.4 version,all versions there are until 4.2.2 only,no 6.0.4 version

Why do you need version 6.07? Latest Linux version includes all update scripts.

U told me before that i should moving first to linux version 6.0.4 before going to updated version.check your first comment

You have to move to Linux version 3.0.7, then upgrade. Sorry if you misunderstand something, but I never wrote anything about v6.0.4

Don’t worry,by the way i contact the developer and they send the link to me , linux 6.0.7