Shortcuts aren't updated after resync seadrive on Mac

I think there is a bug when we resync the seadrive account with links on Seadrive. Especially on Finder or on softwares when we do “open last files”.
It save the previous file path which is not visible and accessible through the library but not the new default seadrive folder…

It is visible by this way (but, by default on Finder, it is not visible) where it is Seadrive if it is ok… or the path through the library when there is a problem

For example:

  • Content of the BACUS folder through the finder shortcut:
  • Content of the BACUS folder through the finder shortcut:

It is a part of bugs which I get: Many problems with Seadrive 3.0.8 on mac? - #2 by Jonathan


This is a normal behavior. When you resync the account, a new internal sync folder will be created. The old sync folder is renamed and contains all downloaded files with not-downloaded files removed locally. The link you saved locally should still points to the old sync folder. The sync folders are actually located at ~/Library/CloudStorage/.

I don’t know why the links get automatically updated after the old sync folder gets renamed. Maybe this is a behavior of the operating system.